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Re-connect 2 program

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What is your relationship coaching?

It goes beyond what you will get in traditional marriage counselling it’s not just talking; we actively work together to focus on solutions to problems and goals in relationships.

I have over 15 years experience as a leading coach.  Over these years I have gained invaluable experience, techniques and skills which will help you both feel listened to and together create a solution to your relationship problems.

What happens in your Re-connect 2 coaching program?

My relationship coaching is non judgmental and it’s solution focused.  It’s about creating a future proof environment to strengthen and find out what you both want in your relationship.

My sessions include learning skills and techniques on how to better and strengthen your relationship.

You will make fundamental positive changes within yourself that benefit not only you but your relationship.

By Investing in a few sessions of coaching – you will take away tools which will benefit you for the rest of your life

Focus on your goals rather than the negatives in your relationship. You will be given to take away and use tools and skills to better your relationship.

By working together and using the guidance and techniques you will learn with my coaching you will learn how to strengthen your relationship together.

Are there any other benefits?

Not only does relationship coaching strengthen your marriage or relationship together, it will also benefit you in other areas of your life such as mental and physical health. Build your self esteem, confidence, goals in life and work, performance at work and friends and family relationships.

Call: 01206 382388 or 07870 816480
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What sessions do you offer?

One Session – 90 min break through

Six Sessions – The Re-connect 2 program – My exclusive 6 session program

Signs of relationship problems

  • Lack or no communication
  • Living separate lives
  • Arguing
  • Ongoing arguments
  • Low moods
  • Lack of solidarity
  • Unsatisfied sex life
  • Separate goals
  • Unable to see or appreciate each other’s goals
  • Infidelity
  • Unable to decide whether to end your relationship

What you will gain from the program

  • Exclusive program created by Stuart Thompson who has been featured on the 
  • My program can help or save marriages or relationships
  • You will be clear on where you want the relationship to go at the end of the program
  • How to eliminate repeat arguments
  • You will feel appreciated and understood by your partner
  • Manage your own emotions
  • How to appreciate and understand your partners emotions and fears
  • How to alleviate angry and mistrust
  • Understand each other
  • Rekindle your friendship
  • Create love, passion and harmony once again
  • Use the techniques not only in your relationship with your partner but within other parts of your life

Call: 01206 382388 or 07870 816480

To find out more about my Re-Connect 2 Program

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There is a solution