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What is an addiction?

Addiction is something that happens when a person either takes a substance e.g alcohol, drugs or engages in an activity e.g gambling that can be pleasurable but becomes compulsive so you cannot stop and starts to interfere with normal every day life and responsibilities, such as working, relationships with husband or wife, children, friends, family or your health.  People who have developed an addiction, may not be aware that their behaviour is out of control and causing upset and problems for themselves and other people around them. A person who is addicted may try to cover up or hide their behaviour.

What are the symptoms of addiction?

There are many signs of addiction, these can be behavioural and physical. Below are just some of the signs but there are others that are not listed that can indicate an addiction,

Be unable to stay away or stop the addictive behaviour
Increased levels of anxiety and depression
Unable to sleep or suffer insomnia
Mood swings
Display a lack or no self control
Dismiss or be unaware of how their behaviour may be causing problems
Show a lack of emotional response
Be secretive or try to cover up their behaviour
Suffer health problems due to the addiction

How do you treat an addiction?

I work with you to help you manage and cope with getting through your addiction.  I have worked for many years with people suffering from addiction and anxiety.  My work as a registered senior hypnotherapist and psychotherapist has given me the experience and tools to get your addiction under control.

I use a combination of different techniques and therapies, such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy – CBT and talking therapy. I have been working as a hypnotherapist in Colchester for over 15 years as have treated many people suffering from addictions and anxiety.

I run a confidential, understanding and non judgmental clinic, my priority is to make changes to your behaviour and anxiety to stop your addiction.

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