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Christmas is a time to celebrate, come together, enjoy company of others and many get togethers with people you may not know and Christmas parties.  However Christmas and New Year for people who suffer from social anxiety can be a daunting and stressful time.  There is a lot of pressure and expectation around Christmas and new year and it often weighs heavy on people who feel they cant enjoy this time of year and this in turn makes anxiety worse.

Social anxiety affects men and women, of all ages and walks of life.  Social anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues.  Social anxiety is the fear of interactions with other people.  The thought of walking into a room filled with people can seem impossible.  You may have thoughts in your mind of will people like me?  I have nothing to talk to people about.  Or you may also experience physical symptoms such as shaking, sweating or palpitations.

Here are some quick tips to help you with your social anxiety:

Don’t cancel, show up
It is very tempting when you feel anxious to cancel plans, but this in turn can actually make your anxiety worse.

Vow to talk to new people
It may seem impossible, but going to a party or social gathering and vowing to speak to a new person can benefit your anxiety.

Don’t drink too much
You may think that alcohol will put you at ease and help you interact with people, however over time this can develop into you increasing your alcohol consumption as you build a tolerance.

Stuart Thompson has helped many people overcome social anxiety and related disorders. Stuart is a specialist in anxiety and he has many years experience in helping people to stop their anxiety and start enjoying their lives.  Contact Stuart to find out more about helping your social anxiety.  Based in Colchester in Essex, Stuart offers face to face consultations, or you can make an appointment to have therapy online through Skype.

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